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Dealing with disease of any type can be difficult, to say the least. It can be a life changing struggle. But from that struggle and pain can come peace and strength. Sharing your story can help bring closure and inspire others.

Your story may include pain, heartbreak, disappointment, strength, recovery, loss and inspiration, even death. Any of it is appropriate to share if you wish. will not offer opinions, comments or recommendations related to your or your loved one's medical condition. We simply give you the opportunity to share your experience and thoughts. Other readers can post comments on what you have written. Please only submit stories related to dealing with nervous system disease.

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Don D. (Arachnoid Cyst) 
I was 35 years old and never had any medical problems. I was working construction one day on the side of a building and had finished my work for the …

Battling Syringomyelia 
At age 26 I was hit from behind by a falling ladder, pins and needles feelings from head to toe in somewhat of a shock state. Taken to the ER the nurse …

A True challenge 4 A 45 year old (Degenerative Spine Disease) 
I am a teacher, a decorated boys basketball coach, certified referee and a returning post graduate student who will receive her 4th degree. Seems somewhat …

Life or Death at 10 - Spine Disease 
As of right now, I am 14 years old. When I was in the 4th grade, I had a life changing tragedy take place. I don't mean to scare others but I want to share …

A living hell 
My mother in law has a disease that no doctor can help her with she has a unknown neurological disease that causes her to have frequent falls and numbness …

Don't know what's causing this 
Over the past few years I've developed balance problems. I've been to different kinds of doctors (reg,ENT,neurologist) and had different kinds of tests …

Cavernous Malformations:
Patti's Ongoing Journey
My journey with cavernous malformations, CM's throughout my brain began in 1987 when I presented with a first-time generalized seizure secondary to a brain …

My daughter has cerebral cortical dysplasia 
Well, I'm glad I found this opportunity to share my story. My daughter was diagnosed with cerebral cortical dysplasia in early 2009. She was 6 yrs. …

Beating the odds of MS. 
In 1988 I was diagnosed with MS. I was told that I had lesions in my brain and through my spin. The doctor told me to get my affairs in order and gave …

Acute Long term Memory Loss 
To any who can help, My mother-in-law is 60 years old and recently became ill to an acute memory loss in March of 2010. The doctors have no explanation …

3 Years Without a Diagnosis - The Heartbreak  
Almost 3 years ago, my husband hurt his feet by walking for 20 miles in the wrong shoes. Based upon feedback from various doctors and our own research, …

Dr. Yoshiro Takaoka 
Twenty years ago, I went to the VA hospital because a friend (an EMT) told me I suffered symptoms for a stroke. An MRI discovered two problems: an arterio-venous …

Beth's Story 
My daughter Olivia has a rare form of masses that gives a high alarm for a possible brain tumor. She has multiple sacs inside the pineal gland and she …

Dana's Pain - Chiari Malformation 
For the past 4 years,since 2007, I had been experiencing severe neck, shoulder and back pain. In september of 2010 I began having debilitating headaches …

My mother's brain disease 
hi my name is ruben rodriguez my story is about my mom anita rojas she has inflammation in the right side of her brain i think it all started when she …

Having to prove an illness (Epilepsy) 
Hello. Ever since I was 5 years old, I always complained of weakness and tiredness. It seemed as if no one listened. As years went on my condition …

Constant blinking ruining my life 
I am now 22 and have had this blinking/twitching problem in my eye since I was around 10 years old I've been to over 12 eye doctors but can't find what's …

it is hard to live with ms ):

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