3 Years Without a Diagnosis - The Heartbreak

by Lisa
(Long Island, NY)

Almost 3 years ago, my husband hurt his feet by walking for 20 miles in the wrong shoes. Based upon feedback from various doctors and our own research, we believed that he had a case of plantar fasciitis and had strained some of the tendons in his feet and ankles. He went to several doctors and followed their numerous instructions regarding therapy and treatment. He went to physical therapy. He tried numerous orthotic inserts. Despite his efforts, the pain in his feet and ankles gradually ascended up both legs causing him to have constant tingling pain 24/7 no matter what position he sits, stands or lays in. We have been to so many doctors and have had so many tests but no one has been able to diagnose his condition. A couple of doctors have said that his nervous system is stuck in "fight or flight mode" and can't calm itself down. He is on so many drugs to help him deal with the pain. The pain has now seeped into his lower back, and he now visibly twitches at times. I am absolutely heartbroken and devastated to see my 48 year old, athletic, healthy husband constantly tortured by terrible pain without any relief. It is also so hard to see him try to function and go to work each day despite the pain and the mind-numbing effect of the narcotics. He rarely complains, but I don't know how much longer he can bear it, or how long I can bear watching him suffer. No person should have to suffer pain without end. I will never give up trying to find a doctor who can at least diagnose his condition so that we know if there's anything we can do to treat it. I share my story with you in the hope that some one may have some insight or word of advice which may help us to get on the right path and find some one who can help us. Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

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Jan 26, 2013
dont give up
by: ted.hibbard@gmail.com

as you know, i lived with chronic pain for 40 years, had spine operation, gum operation, and lower my blood pressure at night to relax my nervous system,jesus answer my crying prayers,i did my own research, and working with many many doctors, im pain free, the shoes is not the problem, will help you on your research

May 26, 2012
40 years of chronic pain
by: ted

sounds like nerve pain problem, im 52 and still alive at 12 years old i started pain in my legs and my teeth been to at least 40 doctors they dont know whats wrong so i do my own research and i found blood pressure drug propranolol works well it works better then pain pills it was a accident how this happened, i use this drug to get off of pain pills,my doctor say i can use this drug for life. or use methodone no more then 50 mg a day repete no more then 50 mg a day for cronic pain. most doctors dont know what there doing. i have been dealing with cronic pain for 40 years and been addicted to every pain pill known to man. doctors dont know why my body has had a wonderful affect from this high blood pressure medication. think i have a birth defect to my nervous system. there is a answer to every pain problem see different doctors and study all medication yourself.

Jun 22, 2011
I understand
by: Anonymous

I understand his pain! I been off work 4 months now due to this type of pain in my feet, at first I believe it was my new shoes also until the pain became so painful I was unable to walk. My doctor's had to do Biopsy on me to see what was causing this and it was Lupus disease. I'm pray for you and your husband health.

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