Parkinson's Disease

parkinsons diseaseParkinson's Disease is a nervous system disease which is considered a motor system disease because its primary manifestations affect motor control, at least initially. It is generally a disorder of older age, occurring most frequently after 50 years of age. Although it is not a "common" disease, it probably affects about 1 and a half million Americans currently with about 50,000 new cases diagnosed annually.

Parkinson's Disease is a progressive degenerating disease which leads to loss of neurons, the nerve cells in the brain, in particular locations. The resulting imbalance in the brain leads to the symptoms of Parkinson's, including tremor, rigidity, slowed movement and others.

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Parkinson's Disease Topics

What is Parkinsons Disease?
Learn more about what exactly this disease is and what it does to the body and brain.

What Causes It?
All the underlying factors that lead to Parkinson's are not completely understood. However, some of the risk factors and some of the pathology that occurs in the brain of patients has been discovered.

What Are the Symptoms?
While most people know that it causes tremor, or shakiness, there are several ways in which Parkinson's presents in patients. Symptoms can also change and evolve over time.

How Is It Diagnosed?
How is the diagnosis of the disease made by physicians? Which tests or exams help to confirm the diagnosis?

Parkinsons Disease Treatment
There are several current treatments which may be used in patients with Parkinson's. Some are medical, including drugs that help treat the symptoms, while others are surgical.

What is a Deep Brain Stimulator?
One of the most common surgical treatments for the disease is called a deep brain stimulator. Learn more about what this is and how it helps some patients with Parkinsons here.

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