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Cerebrovascular Disease

Disorders of the Blood Vessels of the Brain

Cerebrovascular disease refers to disorders of the blood vessels that supply blood flow to the brain. While many of these disorders can cause what is generally referred to as "stroke", they vary quite a bit in their presentation and specific disease characteristics. For this reason, "stroke" can be a confusing term and is often misused. The term "stroke" originally meant a neurological condition which occurs suddenly, like a stroke of lightning. However, this can refer to many different underlying causes. The most common cause of "stroke" is what is called cerebral infarction which is damage to a part of the brain because of a blockage of the normal blood flow. The brain needs blood and therefore it will fail to function normally when an infarction occurs. However, other forms of "stroke" include hemorrhage, or bleeding, into or around the brain. These forms of "stroke" can be quite different in their symptoms and underlying pathology that caused the bleeding.

cerebrovascular disease

Specific Types of Neurovascular Disease

Below is a list of specific cerebrovascular disease conditions, each of which link to further information about them. There is also more information to help clarify what is meant by stroke.

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