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Traumatic Brain Injury

brain injury

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the most common causes of death and disability in the world. Brain trauma can lead to a number of different consequences. It can result from both blunt trauma, as in the case of a motor vehicle accident, and penetrating trauma, such as in the case of gun-shot or stab wounds.

Severity of TBI

The severity of TBI is often classified as mild, moderate or severe, depending on the level of consciousness of the patient. Severity scale of head injury and outcome from head injury are often used by medical professionals:

  • Glasgow Coma Scale: This is a scale which rates the level of consciousness of a TBI victim from 3 (worst) to 15 (normal).
  • Glasgow Outcome Scale: This scale ranks the long-term outcome of a TBI victim from 1 (dead) to 5 (good recovery).

Types of Injury

There is a great deal of confusion amongst layman about the description of various traumatic head injuries. For example, the term "concussion" gets used very frequently, often without knowing the true meaning of the diagnosis. Here we have several trauma-related diagnoses with links to more information about each so that you can understand what each means and implies:

Other TBI Terms

In addition to the traumatic diagnoses listed above, there are some terms often used when discussing the care of a head injured patient which can help in the understanding of these clinical conditions:

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