Pediatric Neurological Surgery

Pediatric neurological surgery refers to neurosurgical conditions that afflict children. These pediatric neurosurgery conditions vary from tumors affecting children to congenital malformations, such as various forms of spina bifida, which present in childhood. Some disorders affect both adults and children (certain tumors, neurotrauma, some forms of epilepsy, aneurysms, vascular malformations, etc.) while others only present in children (medulloblastoma, congenital abnormalities, spina bifida, etc.).

Congenital disorders are diseases with which a person is born. They include genetic disorders and non-genetic malformations which occur in development or childbirth.

Genetic disorders refer to diseases caused by an abnormality of one or more genes. They can be inherited from our parents or they may form de novo in some cases. While an individual is born with the abnormality, some genetic disorders present early in life while others may not have significant clinical manifestations until later in life. On this page we focus on diseases that tend to present in childhood.

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