A living hell

by Kourtney

My mother in law has a disease that no doctor can help her with she has a unknown neurological disease that causes her to have frequent falls and numbness on her right side of her body.

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Feb 25, 2012
by: C. Jenkins

Get your doctor to send you to a neurologist and be tested for Spastic Paraplegia, an inherited disease of the central nervous system. Can show up at any age but usually in early '30's.
Progressive loss of balance in walking.
Progressive loss of bladder control
Sometimes trouble swallowing.
Seldom any pain and it is not fatal.
A lot of info about it on the computer but most doctors have never heard of it. It is considered a rare disease.
Four members of my family have S.P. so I know a lot about the symptoms.

Jul 04, 2011
there is hope
by: only the strong survive

god has given doctors the ability to help people in their time of need. the only thing is that many doctors have lost their touch in doing so. no matter what doctors say god will always have the last word i hope you believe in god cause he believes in you take care and remember only the strong survive.

May 25, 2011
im the same
by: karen

hey I'm now 47 and i have the same, took ill with what at first they thought was a stroke and i just kept getting worse have bladder problems, speach problems, movment and pain doctors just dont seem intrested in me,what have you guys found out?

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