Acute Long term Memory Loss

by Daniel G
(Chicago, IL)

To any who can help,

My mother-in-law is 60 years old and recently became ill to an acute memory loss in March of 2010. The doctors have no explanation for the brain inflammation in her head. There was no blunt trauma (as far as we all know because someone was with her at all times). It is not Alzheimers, or meningitis. Currently she is taking a steriod used to combat Alzheimer's , but it is not. The memory loss happened within a couple of weeks if not days. It started with her forgetting the days of the week and we all thought it was just normal age progression of memory loss. Then later that week we went to a wedding the night before and the next morning she had no recollection of the event. Over the past months she has had MRI's, CAT scans and seen several doctors short of going to the Mayo clinic in Minnesota which is a hard task at hand because my Father-in-law does not have the money to spend on the clinic. Also we have noticed that there is an increase in her sugar intake as well. She is always looking for sweets around the house. I thought this might have something to do with her Glucose levels, but when the doctors tested her she read at normal. She also has a very quick temper, and i am not sure if that is because she is Puerto Rican, but it is a bad temper. She has also forgotten things from several years ago such as the passing of her brother over 5 years ago and other things like that. Sometimes she thinks that she is living in another house. I am looking for any help because my father-in-law is a great person and good man overall. Other than this website and God i really don't know who to turn to to help him.

I appreciate any feedback.


Daniel G.

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Jun 07, 2011
by: Anonymous

Have you asked about normal pressure hydrocephalus?

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