Don't know what's causing this

by Jim North
(Valdosta, Georgia)

Over the past few years I've developed balance problems. I've been to different kinds of doctors (reg,ENT,neurologist) and had different kinds of tests (bloodwork,MRI,tilt table,x-rays,etc) but they came back clean. I can't walk or drive long distances straight, I can't climb up ladders very high without getting majorly dizzy, I've almost fell several times, and my sense of balance is at times almost totally shot. I wake up every day with headaches (they vary in intensity) I was diagnosed with sleep apnea a while back, and I sleep with a CPAP machine. The neurologist I was seeing after several tests and different types of meds, none of which worked, said he was out of ideas, and suggested I try Emory (I live in South Georgia). It's really frustrating being told over and over "it's neurological, but we don't know what's causing it".

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Jan 28, 2013
re:don't know whats causing this
by: jim north

Where is the best place to look for info? Thanks for the name of the problem, this may be the anwser. I'll tell the doctor when I go see him.

Feb 25, 2012
by: C. Jenkins

Get your doctor at Emory to check you for
Spastic Paraplegia.
This disease runs in my family and your symptoms sound similar.
You can find a lot of info about it on the computer.

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