Generalized Seizure

What Is It?

A generalized seizure is one which affects the entire forebrain including both hemispheres (both sides) of the brain, in contrast to a partial seizure which only involves one part of the brain on one side. The term is a general name for these types of seizures. However, there are several sub-types of generalized epilepsy.

The sub-types are separated based on their specific clinical manifestations and electroencephalographic (EEG) characteristics. For example, both grand mal and petit mal seizures are generalized. However, while patients suffering from a grand mal seizure generally fall to the ground and have violent convulsions, petit mal seizures just cause a dissociation of consciousness that appears like a staring spell sometimes with subtle movements.

While most generalized events are primarily generalized, meaning they involve the entire brain from the start of the seizure, some secondarily generalize, starting as a partial seizure and then evolving into a general seizure.

Some Common Types of Generalized Epilepsy

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