My mother's brain disease

by ruben j rodriguez
(sandiego ca)

hi my name is ruben rodriguez my story is about my mom anita rojas she has inflammation in the right side of her brain i think it all started when she began to have cloudy vision and complained about headaches (my mother has (c.m.l) cancer in the blood and diabetes and that made us worry about her a lot. she would tell us she felt fine and we trusted her word. big mistake we found out she wasn't taking her gleevec - its for her cancer and we took her to the e.r doctors told us her white blood cells were to hi and needed to take stronger meds to control lower her blood count. she got better and continued to take her gleevec. we thought it was normal head aches that any one might get. it wasn't till she began to forget names of things and call people by different names. she was conscious of her mistakes so we asked her if she felt fine and so she said yes like always. she 's a strong woman but we didn't trust her answer.

so me and my sister took her to the hospital again and the doctors told me she has inflammation in her right side of her brain. we couldn't believe that after having cancer (cml) plus diabetes she developed this condition. doctors said that there are no antibiotics for her condition but i think there is maybe. its because she has state medical. i wish i could be informed more about what can i do so my mother can get treatment for her condition.

my mom is so full of life she sings like an angel and i miss her telling me god be with you every time i would go out our door. i hope who ever see's this may have an answer for me an any way ill take it as long as it is positive i don't know what to do any more. i feel doctors don't care about her this is a challenge for any doctors who might have the answer. in the meantime i put all my faith in trust in our lord and hope its his will.

thank you all and take care god bless.

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